heady syringas               a garden in spring

a rhythmic mantra that the train tracks sing

amo   amas   amat                     as in a trance

they kiss entwined           under a rising moon

she day-dreams of sheiks on the ride to school

romance   true love   exotic lands    monsoons

but then she sees     guillotined by the wheels

a headless chicken      doing its manic dance


now her journey’s more confined      from the train

she still climbs slopes  flies kites  surfs turquoise waves

sees a lone arum            bloom in winter shade

picks ever-lastings           hears a scops owl call

memories flash by                  ecstasy  and pain

still-life framed         by the windows of a train

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About Vonni Romano

Born an isolated farm girl in Grabouw district, I’ve lived in South Africa my entire life. My real education only started after I’d produced four children in six years, after I had completed a BA Hons at UCT. My sanity-keepers are aqua aerobics, cooking, gardening, musseling and life-writing, while shoe-string travel, music, theatre, art movies, good food and wine bring me joy. Now 82, an adoring matriarch of a large, challenging family, I’m a survivor who’s still passionate and curious about Life! Thanks to my deceased Greek husband, Romanos, a chunk of my heart will always pine for the Aegean. Contributing author to the Life Righting Collective's This is how it is anthology.