Why I teach life writing

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I am a writer who is also a doctor, interested in what helps us heal. I have used writing as a tool and resource to help me find out more about what I am thinking and feeling, to explore the difficulties and dilemmas in life, to live more curiously, compassionately and creatively, to communicate more effectively and to be more observant, reporting back on observations about the human condition and how we impact on each other and the earth. These are some of the benefits of regular creative practice, which I have found ways to pass on through the courses I run under the umbrella of the Life Righting Collective. My aim in the courses is to put you in touch with your own creative fire and to show you how to get into the ‘download’ part of the mind. The next course in Cape Town is from 2nd to 4th May. Go here to find out how to book.


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