The LRC’S AGP – Playing with letters by Doreen Gowans

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How often do you come across a range of letters and wonder what on earth is that? No, it is not an acronym. I learnt this at the FUG only yesterday! To be an acronym it would need, like FUG, to form a word. Of course we could insert an “a” and Larc, – not quite the bird but almost, or we could insert a “u” and lurc – not quite a word but almost. Or we could leave them alone and just have fun playing with them, letter by letter.

L – is for life, love, light, laughter – all of these were there as we celebrated our annual general get-together. We sat around the circle greeting those we knew by name and those who we only just recognised from courses along the way. A smile, a face, a warm flutter of remembrance as we recalled what we had learnt and shared on that course.

R – is for right on!, restful, response, relief – Oh! There you are. I am so pleased to see you again and your heart opens up just a smidgen more. Someone else to welcome in, another heart beating in unison, another room where everything feels just right.

C – cloth,cumbersome, cheeky, chest, charm, cold, calculating, cut – there are the soft C’s and the hard. One softened by the vowel or consonant with which they have linked arms. The hard C’s stand aloof, uncomforted. We however, are a Collective. Together we weave the magic, the stories, the telling of how it is. We welcome in, we do not judge, we link arms and gather in. We listen to the wonderful world of another’s story. We tell our own, hearing our words as they fall, comforted in the sharing.

A – Annual of course. Animated, allowing, alright, abundant – all of that flowed as we met, mingled, listened, shared and ate delicious food.

G – Great, gorgeous, gainly – surely we can have a gainly if there is an ungainly, growth – we all want that for this collective of ours. To reach out, to spread the word, gather in others as yet not part of us. Like ripples on the water we want others to feel the pull of the tide, the acceptance, the relief of knowing that out there, there is a community, a collective where one belongs.

M – Mmm! The ‘M’ dropped for the P of Party but who can resist mouth, mind, most, music, muse, magnificent – the sensuous pleasure of running your tongue around your lips catching the last drop of something delicious, that feeling of being well fed by food but with your mind ablaze, nerve endings tingling, every part of you alive to the creative possibilities. We not only met and mingled we –

P – partied! Profound, possibilities, particle, prefer, pretext, pleased or just “pre “ on its own. Yet it cannot stand on its own. It knows the wisdom of linking arms.

‘pre’ – before. So it is with the LRC – life before LRC and after! The difference, the opening up, the opening out, the recognition, the knowing that your tribe is safe and well and you belong. The way life rights itself in the collective sharing.

The day of our AGP was all of this and more. See all you ‘life righters’ next year and at the FUG’s and courses in between!

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