We publish writing by course participants on a regular basis in the spirit of sharing life experiences with others. Each piece is original work by Life Righting Collective course participants – from the pen and from the heart. We want to showcase authentic voices that we hope will inspire you to write your own stories and buy our anthology, This is How It Is, as well as other books by our members. Scroll down to read our stories.

The First Time I Saw Paris

  I want to be in Paris in my 50th year with a man I love. When I turned 45, unhappy and separating from a relationship, I had written this into my journal in longhand, the black ink from my [...]


The smell of ginger biscuits met me at the door as I entered the house. ‘Mama!’ I called. I ran to the kitchen, but couldn’t find her there. ‘I’m here, dear,’ she called from the bedroom.  As her [...]


LAURELS   You saw me at full noon, Leaving the stadium Among the boys, Clear-eyed, breathless, laurelled A laugh rising from my lip.   You did not see me at midnight Beside my lamp. [...]