We publish writing by course participants on a regular basis in the spirit of sharing life experiences with others. Each piece is original work by Life Righting Collective course participants – from the pen and from the heart. We want to showcase authentic voices that we hope will inspire you to write your own stories and buy our anthology, This is How It Is, as well as other books by our members. Scroll down to read our stories.


14 October 2018 Lying empty on the floor at my feet, the worn leather holdall is a thing of beauty, harking back to a time of artisanal labours of love, quality and long life.  It conjures the [...]

The First Time I Saw Paris

  I want to be in Paris in my 50th year with a man I love. When I turned 45, unhappy and separating from a relationship, I had written this into my journal in longhand, the black ink from my [...]


Slowly they drive away; the mother’s heart goes with them The pallbearers, father, husband, brother, uncle Pain cutting into their faces as they take up their positions The mother reaches out to [...]


The day she died she cooked a pot of food Pumpkin The meat was browned in sugar Dark and sweet The pumpkin soft and thick Mushy chunks of orange in brown gravy Shining with the fat she cooked it [...]