Author: Leonora Lewis, Identity, Poetry

[First Poem Written on the Life Writing Course]



I am Nobody because i do not have a voice

I’m expected to do whatever, without given a choice

Nobody, because I’ve always been the lesser one

If anything goes wrong, it’s cos of something I’ve done


Nobody, because I’m disrespected by all

Invisible, despite being there for anyone when they call

Nobody whenever I’m belittled, sworn or shouted at

Everyone takes me for granted and treats me like a doormat


Nobody, because nothing i do is appreciated or seen

Even though i spend hours ensuring the house is clean

Nobody when outsiders get to have the final say

Especially when I’m victimized, they look or walk away


I am Nobody when being ostracized by those i love dearly

The animosity radiated towards me is felt by me clearly

Nobody because when finally i stand up for what’s right

Their response still has me crying,  deep into the night


Nobody because i try so hard just to make them care

But i guess it doesn’t matter, they just pretend I’m not there

I am Nobody because everything i do or say is wrong

Yeah! I must be a Nobody for this to go on for so long


But hey! this Nobody has finally reached the end of her rope

Because this Nobody is tired, and has given up all hope

Therefore, after spending a lifetime as a NOBODY to some

The day when I’ll finally be SOMEONE will come

No matter if what they reminisce about me is all lies

This Nobody will be acknowledged on the day she dies.


[Last Poem Written on the Life Writing Course]



Watching the wave, as it crashes gently onto the shore

It’s something i never really noticed before

I am so thankful and grateful, that i can finally see

The beauty in everything, that is surrounding me


How is it possible, i never saw any of this before

It seems as if i walked through a magical door

For the past few days i have been in a place

Where only warmth and peace invaded my space


Sitting amongst people who i never met before

A rich diversity of personalities and yet so much more

On my very first day, i was so timid and weak

Scared half to death, lest they ask me to speak


But as the days passed, my confidence has grown

And it’s all due to the compassion this amazing group has shown

Each one of us has a reason for being here

Although mine at first, wasn’t very clear


I have learnt so much, but most important… I had fun

I am not looking forward to the day we are done

So thank you for this opportunity, and each and everyone

For making this week so special, one of the best … bar none!



©Leonora Lewis

Dedicated to the Life Righting Collective

July 2018

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