This is Mandy’s first piece of LifeRighting memoir writing; although she’s been passionate about people dealing powerfully with loss for over 2 decades. Her fellow LifeRighter and dear friend Hani du Toit responded to Mandy’s surprise at discovering she could write anything beyond a business email, a new coaching programme, or empty her mind into some occasional morning pages, with “We all have many gifts, in our excitement to explore (play with) others, we sometimes miss the opportunity to unwrap one that’s been there all along.”

The gift Mandy is most well known for is as a Performance Coach, running her business Fresh Horizons. By working with Africa’s business leaders to expand their performance through expressing their authentic leadership, success through delegation and work-life balance, Mandy’s commitment is to grow the economy and improve opportunities for all.

As one of her mottos is Living Life by Design; Mandy lives and works some parts in Prince Albert in the Karoo and a few more parts in Cape Town. She restores her energy with her love of the Arts, yoga and the odd artisanal G&T. Creating a nurturing home and delicious wholesome food are some of the things that make her heart sing.

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