My life has been about coming home to myself and my body. I was a fearful child and loved nothing more than reading under any available bed. In my adolescence, I discovered drugs could numb my fear and bring me peace. The journey was short and destructive. After rehab, meditation became my drug. Then slowly, slowly, I started to trust that I am enough, even when I don’t feel at ease. Writing is a big part of rediscovering trust in myself and my own resilience.

For me writing is an act of faith. I rarely feel like starting and sometimes, even while I write, it can be excruciating. Yet, if I stay with it, it always reveals my own beauty to me in unexpected ways.

I work as a Addictions Recovery Coach, Support Group Facilitator and Researcher.

I am not always serious, though, and love to do silly things with my daughter, who often reminds me that laughing together is the quickest way to transcend space and time.

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