George Davis was born in 1947, in Cape Town.There he grew up, schooled, and studied until leaving South Africa in the mid-70s, landing up in western Canada for 8 years. He studied plant ecology in Edmonton before moving to BC for a rustic spell amidst the Douglas Firs of the Rockies. He and his family returned to Cape Town in early 1983 where he embarked on a long spell as research scientist and nature conservation practitioner based at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

On the death of his mother in 1997, he inherited a large number of historical family photographs which he has used as reference for compiling a set of memoirs. This set of stories he has self-published as a Life Righting writing project in his 71st year.

The Blue Datsun

1. Buying the car In the fading daylight the jumbled strip of small traders were closing their shops for the night. The local corner cafés and fish and chips vendors […]

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