If I am not contemplating the great vast space conundrum, ghosting about the Hogwarts Express or planting away in my garden, then you can usually find me in some comfortable corner of my home with a cup of coffee, my favourite pen and my journal, deep in writing; about whatever that may spark my interest: a vampire cake recipe, politics or fea folks. I am Amilia Kishunlal, a part-time English and Maths tutor, a cat lover and a Harry Potter fanatic, from the small town of Verulam in Durban. I contracted the writing fever at the age of six when I discovered that writing was indeed a magical feat to express oneself. I draw inspiration from writers such as Anne Rice, R.L Stine, Patricia Briggs, Edgar Allan Poe and Agatha Christie. I am a horror junkie who thoroughly enjoys a good suspenseful novel. I am currently in the Fundza writing fellowship programme and enjoy writing stories tinged with fear and magic as well as tinkering about with expressive poetry. My ultimate life goal is to become a recognised published author, entertaining and captivating South Africa with quirky, interesting tales based on our colourful, diverse people within vibrant societies. I firmly believe that reading offers a dynamic doorway toward self-exploration and self-nourishment​ with writing being the liberation of the mind.

As Kofi Anan says: “Literacy is the bridge from misery to hope.”

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