Amidst all the uncertainty that lies ahead, we know one thing for certain: keeping our creativity alive and energised will equip us to face whatever comes our way with resilience and grace. We’ve been hard at work devising a programme of courses that we believe will open minds and hearts while at the same time supporting a creative writing practice. Each course offers a different approach and entry point into life writing that will help you express your life experiences in a fresh, enlivened way.  Investing in our creativity is soulful self-care that’s never been more necessary for our well-being and mental health.

While we still hope to run some courses in person, this may change depending on Covid-19 regulations at the time. For our health and safety, all LRC in-person courses will be conducted in strict compliance with Covid-19 rules and procedures.  We hope you’ll be excited and inspired by our offerings below:

Venue: Marias, Dunkley Square, Cape Town

Friday 31 March to Sunday 2 April 2023

9 am – 2pm daily

R3 000

Bookings via

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We all have a story to tell from our own lives about how we became who we are. Stories about the way we were born, or about how someone helped us. About how we got…

WRITING OUR ANCESTRAL STORIES: Shifting the Past into New Futures

What story were you born into? What story will you pass on to future generations? We are all born into circumstances that are not of our choosing – historical, political…

HOW WE RESPOND TO ART: Writing into Deeper Connection

We all constantly make associations, referring to stored images, memories and narratives that live largely below the radar of our consciousness. These images inform…

TRAVEL WRITING – in a time of lockdown

Join us to consider travel writing when you’re ‘sheltering in place’: revisit the places you loved or hated through writing about them, inviting a potential reader to come with you…

REWRITE YOUR CHILDHOOD: Recover a beginning and rewrite an ending

The story about who you are and where you’re going began to form when you were a child. In this three day workshop, we invite you to explore the origin of your story…

LOST/FOUND MEMOIR COURSE: Facing our Losses, Writing our Healing

Giles Griffin will be facilitating this course as he has a particular interest in invisible losses. Giles is gay, has worked in HIV education, has met Covid-19 close up and…

POETRY COURSE: Poetry Unmasked through Rhythm and Rhyme

I want to share an approach to poetry that’s taught me how to play with rhythm and meaning, following words and traces of feeling to make new tracks…

ROOT MEMOIR COURSE: Exploring Nature and Nurture

In this experimental and experiential writing course, we will explore our relationship with the natural world. We have done damage to ourselves and the environment…

EDIBLE MEMOIRS: Writing the Plate, Digesting our Memories

Our memories of food: they can take us back to the heady aromas of our grandmother’s cooking, fights over lunchboxes, drama at the breakfast table…

MY LIFE AS A WORK OF FICTION: Imagining our Stories

We all have unfinished business. We lie awake at night, not knowing how to proceed in a difficulty, our thoughts looping. We have done everything we can to try to…

BOOK COMPLETION COURSE: Editing and Structuring your Manuscript

What are you writing about underneath what you are writing about? What story are you living through memoir or fiction? What is the best way to tell it. This course…

LRC Creative Writing Course – Audio

We invite you to join the Life Righting Collective’s online Creative Writing Course and join a community of life righting writers. We’ve priced it generously so the course is accessible to as many people as possible.

Last but not least, you can find our online audio course here to do in the comfort of your home, in your own time, anywhere in the world.

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Remember that all course participants are invited to join our monthly Follow Up Groups (FUGS) where you can continue to hone your writing skills with the support of other like-minded writers.

We don’t know what’s going to happen next, how world events will unfold. We can only be with the present moment because its almost impossible to plan anything too far into the future. The course programme above is an intentional activation of hope and creativity even in the face of uncertainty.

Please join us!


And the LRC EXCO team