The Intern and the Second Anthology

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The LRC exco are always looking for ways to raise funds so that we can continue to sponsor writers and to publish the stories that come out of the courses so that South Africans can get to know each other and grow compassion and community.

We also aim to get our stories out to the world, so that people who live elsewhere can be more informed about the people of this country. So we cooked up an idea to apply for an intern to assist us with putting together an ebook as our second anthology of true stories from South Africa.

An ebook of stories would be a little cheaper to produce than a hard copy book, as there are no storage and distribution costs. Lars Millingsford arrived from Oslo in Norway, and set out to find out how to do this. His research discovered that ebooks are very hard to sell and to market, so halfway through his stay we scrapped that idea, and he instead assisted us with some social media projects. We are very grateful to him for his willingness and enthusiasm, and hope he will visit us again in the future. The photo is from Lars’ farewell dinner hosted by wonderful friend to the LRC, Rosie Campbell. [In the pic: from left: Lucy Alexander, Nina Geraghty, Linda Kaoma, Dawn Garisch, Giles Griffin & of course Lars)

There’s so much fabulous writing coming out of the courses, so we still want to bring out a second anthology. Despite the huge amount of volunteer work that went into the first anthology, it still cost a lot to publish, and we as yet do not have a reliable source of funding. If anyone has a contact in the business world who might be prepared to finance the next anthology, please get in touch. Another way is to take pre-orders. A third is to encourage you all to ask friends and family to support our work through a monthly donation via Patreon.

We have SEVEN patrons so far!  Thank you so much. Click here to become a Patron.  If you donate just $5 (R77) a month, every little bit helps!

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