How to Make a Donation


Our main funding platform is Patreon

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Go Fund Me

If you live in the USA – GoFundMe

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Direct Debit via EFT

Direct Debit via EFT

Please deposit into the ABSA Life Righting Collective cheque account number 40 9382 6013, branch code number 632005. Please include your full name as reference.



Step 1. Snap.

Open SnapScan and use your phone’s camera to scan the SnapCode displayed on the left.

Step 2. Pay.

Enter the amount you want to pay and confirm payment with your 4-digit PIN.

Step 3. Go!

Don’t forget to enter your name and email address so we can thank you. That’s it. You’re done!


Learn more about the MySchool initiative

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Funding enables us to sponsor places for those who cannot afford to pay course fees. It also allows us to meet the considerable cost of publishing an annual anthology so the moving and important stories that come out of our courses can reach a wider audience.  

Donors are not only providing support for disadvantaged people to learn how to write their life stories and to get their stories published, they are also funding a life skills programme. It takes courage to say: ‘This is who I am, and this is what happened to me.’ Learning to write and communicate creatively and effectively develops a person’s skills to live life more creatively and effectively.

Apart from anything else, funding keeps the LRC going – it helps to maintain all the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that is a basic necessity for any organisation to make its contribution. Much of what we have already achieved has been through the gifting of people’s time, energy and expertise either freely volunteered or at heavily discounted fees.

But the reality is that this isn’t sustainable in the long run. So we would love your support in helping us be around for the long haul!

To give you some idea of the costs involved and the kinds of things we require funding for to continue this work, see below:

  1. One place on a life writing course (includes administration) R1000
  2. Five copies of the anthology to be donated to a school or community library in need of sponsorship (includes production costs) R 500

These are only guidelines. Please feel free to donate any amount, no matter how small.

Thank you!