What story were you born into? What story will you pass on to future generations? We are all born into circumstances that are not of our choosing – historical, political, cultural, spiritual, geographical, mythological, genetic, epigenetic. This writing course is an invitation to explore what you have inherited from those who came before you, and how this affects your life, often in ways that are just below consciousness. We will investigate whether these attributes and attitudes are helpful or harmful to ourselves, others and the earth. We will also write our way into what attributes and attitudes we wish to pass down to future generations, and what we should rather examine and deal with ourselves in this life, so that we do not unwittingly pass old wounds and outmoded ideas on to those who come after us. Beginner writers are welcome.

DATES: Tuesday 1 November – Saturday 5 November

TIMES: 9 – 2 pm daily

VENUE: The Karoo Rest

FEE: Sliding scale according to means from R4000 to R8000

FACILITATORS: Dawn Garisch & Paula Kingw1ll

Bookings via Paula Kingwill at the Karoo rest ~ ednablue@worldonline.co.za

More info here

For our health and safety, all LRC in-person courses will be conducted in strict compliance with Covid-19 rules and procedures.

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