There is only one story – things are not what they seem. Jim Thompson

"My inner world was completely awakened by your teachings. I loved your experiential exercises: they took me out of my head, allowing me to make discoveries about myself that surprised me. Thank you so much for facilitating with so much passion and commitment to the art of writing and its power to bring people to a deeper, healing connection. Now I can also add writing to my identity – a tremendous shift for me"
Cynthia Pillay, Johannesburg

"Dawn’s approach to memoir writing is loving, supportive and gentle. Under Dawn’s gentle guidance everyone becomes a beguiling, interesting story-teller, even those who have never written before. I loved the samples of memoir writing read out – a wide selection that illuminates different ways to approach your own story."
Arja Salafranca, Johannesburg

"I attended the Life Writing Course with Dawn Garisch in June 2017. As a pensioner on a limited budget I needed to be a sponsored participant and I am forever grateful for this. The Course was an experience for me of deep growth and of healing that continued working positively in my life and definitely in my writing. The Course and Dawn's facilitating leads one in a very sensitive and yet robust way to interior pathways of memory and connection needing to be explored; listening and sharing with other writers gives one the confidence to go in mind and heart where you may not have ventured before. I have recommended this Life Writing Course many times to many people and will continue to do so.
Esme Goldblatt

"Attending the memoir course was unexpectedly empowering. It was an intense experience and took me deep down into the very roots of my life experience, even to places I have not dared explore for a long time. It was easier to get there than I had expected and the fruits of the deep work are treasures to behold. I have learned so much from doing the exercises, not only about how to write well and with real heart melting authenticity, but also about the patterns of my life experience and my perspective on my own story. It is an opportunity to get inside and on top of ones life at the same time and take control of ones own story by observing it in a safe and supportive nurturing environment."
Helena Kingwill, Cape Town

"Dawn is a wise and gently insistent guide whose vast personal experience illuminates the shared space. Through visualisation and from hearing the skillfully chosen extracts from other writers' work, I was constantly reminded to return to my body and my feelings and the resultant change in my writing has been incredible. Sharing our writing and getting feedback in the intimate and safe space of small groups was at once terrifying and transformative. It was a deeply healing experience. Thank you."
Sharon Peddie, Greyton

"This was an extraordinarily rewarding week. Dawn has a remarkable talent for identifying the conversations we all need to have with ourselves, first and foremost, before we embark on storytelling for others."
Martyn Swain, Cape Town

"Thank you for showing me that my feelings are the fuel and inspiration for my writing and are not to be feared or hidden from, but entered into and embraced because they are what will allow what lands on the page to be authentic, healing and raw. I had hundreds of stories winding their way through my head and for the first time in a long time, I felt that my stories matter and that they must be told in order for me to make sense of my life and who I am. Thank you for creating a space in which I could discover that I have the courage to do that."