ROOT MEMOIR COURSE: Exploring Nature and Nurture

In this experimental and experiential writing course, we will explore our relationship with the natural world. We have done damage to ourselves and the environment by constructing the idea that human beings are separate from nature. Even our language betrays this attitude – we speak of nature and the environment as though it is ‘out there’.

Through experiential exercises and writing, we will explore how the built environment, consumerism, ideas about time, and our fears, anxieties, disgust and distrust keep us disconnected from resources that nourish and support us.

The creative mind is a natural space where we can remake connections with the source of life as inclusive and sensory. Writing into our relationship with the elements, our habitat, natural cycles and with life in all forms can help us live in a responsive and responsible way, taking better care of the two homes we inhabit until we die – our bodies and the earth.

DATES: 18 – 23 October 2022

VENUE: Ixopo Buddhist Retreat

FEE: 5 days accommodation + R400 surcharge


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