HOW WE RESPOND TO ART: Writing into deeper connection

The Norval Foundation, in association with the Life Righting Collective, invites you to join a two-morning writing course to explore, in words, how art moves and changes us.   We all constantly make associations, referring to stored images, memories and narratives that live largely below the radar of our consciousness. These images inform and drive our motivations, practices and choices. Art that evokes a strong response connects us to what makes up the foundations of our lives.

When we write into the emotions arising from time spent with an image, we better understand ourselves and the power of the artwork. We also develop our capacity for creativity – the innate resource that promotes curiosity and restoration. We believe this is particularly helpful, if not essential, in this time of ongoing fatigue and depletion.


VENUE: Norval Foundation, 4 Steenberg Road, Steenberg Estate, Cape Town

MAX: 10 participants (Please note that if you’re not yet a member of the Norval Foundation, you need to become one before attending the course)

COST: R1 200 including refreshments