EDIBLE MEMOIRS: Writing the plate, consuming our memories

Our memories of food: they can take us back to the heady aromas of our grandmother’s cooking, negotiations around the contents of lunchboxes, an incident at the family breakfast table, the stench of compulsory school dinners and the hollow pain of going without.

Is our first food memory that of our mother’s milk? Maybe so. Often, because nourishing food and adequate shelter tend to go together, good food memories are about a feeling of home – of warmth and belonging. These memories can both feed and comfort us.

Then there is the tyranny of the diet and the scale, the spiritual practice of the fast, the rituals of food around weddings and funerals, the rhythm and routine of preparation and mealtimes – these are imbued with aspects of our humanity that we can explore through writing.

In this course, based on our established Life Writing Memoir Course, we will use exercises to write stories that focus on all the senses and emotions conjured by food. We will share those memories and also share our food – bringing to the communal lunch table each day a simple edible memory, a part of who we are expressed in what we eat.




FEE: R3 000

FACILITATOR: Giles Griffin

Course bookings via admin@liferighting.com

For our health and safety, all LRC in-person courses will be conducted in strict compliance with Covid-19 rules and procedures.

We offer short courses on Edible Memoirs, to give you a taste of our delicious full-length courses. Mail us below if you are interested and we will let you know when the next taster course is running.

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