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Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just finished reading This is how it is–and I loved every bit of it.  It gave me insights about South Africa and Cape Town that I wouldn’t have had access to, from the perspective of such an impressive array of talented writers and poets.  Some of the stories I found especially touching and beautiful–I really loved “Orange, White, and Blue”, “Bronco Lane and his part in my downfall”, “My black angel” “Colonised”, “Mama, My Hero” and “Denzil”–but there are so many others that also filled me with delight.  I will definitely donate again to the LRC–this is a terrific project, truly inspirational–and I’m also planning to share this with my Creative Writing colleagues and those that specialize in life-writing, to generate interest in supporting your efforts. It’s cleansing, distressing, uplifting, sad, and cathartic.  Thanks for bringing this to me, for allowing me to learn something about what makes South Africa what it is, story by story, poem by poem.”

Bridget Drinka | USA

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