A Fabulous AGM!

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What a wonderful event this was!

From the rousing opening poetry-songs by Malika Ndlovu who so beautifully created the receptive space for what was to come, to the thoughtful and stirring readings and closing words of Phillipa Kabali-Kagwa, our chairperson, this event was one of the highlights on the LRC calendar.

Phillipa’s final words ‘writing can save your soul’ were an apt summing up of the motivation that fuels the purpose of the LRC.

After the opening, Jen Radloff led us in a delightful name-game involving soft-toys and much laughter.

















The LRC Exco (Dawn Garisch, Johan Jordaan, Giles Griffin, Nina Geraghty & Terry Ayugi) then presented the LRC Annual Report Highlights.  Please go and read the full report here. An astonishing amount of work went into this and a number of people contributed to creating its final stylish and readable format.  Special, grateful thanks to Giles Griffin and Jonathan Luies for writing and putting it all together. We’d love to get your feedback, please!

Acceptance of the annual report and financial statements was proposed by Cecily Camara and seconded by Lorraine Le Roux and Charlotte Mande Ilunga.

After a delicious bring-and-share lunch of favourite childhood dishes, everyone got into groups to discuss ideas for six key developments areas for the LRC for 2020:

  1. Courses and general logistics
  2. Membership & community-building
  3. Marketing
  4. Publishing
  5. Fundraising
  6. Partnership-building (eg with other NGOs, potential funding partners.)

These sub-groups generated valuable ideas and strategies for the future evolution of the LRC and then reported back to the larger group after their sessions.

















LRC members participated in these groups with such enthusiasm and energy! And while the topics were serious, it didn’t stop us from having fun summing up each discussion in a haiku as part of the feedback sessions!  We’ll be sharing our plans in future newsletters.

The LRC mascot specially made for us by Jen Radloff  finally has a name! Names were submitted and voted on and the winning name was: MUZI.

We love how it suggests the ever-elusive Muse, musings and amusement. Any other meanings in different languages?


We’re thrilled to have Ella Scheepers and Caroline Southey join Desiree-Ann Martin and Terry Ayugi. as part of our fundraising team going into 2020.  A warm welcome!

So all that remains is for us to say is a BIG THANK YOU to all the members who participated in this important event!  It was very moving to see the enthusiasm and generosity with which you all contributed  to the success of the event.

Thank you for coming along to celebrate, share, and to help grow the LRC vision. 

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