The healing power of writing

The Life Righting Collective is a not for profit membership organisation. We run affordable in-person and online audio courses for anyone who wants to discover personal meaning, self-understanding and self-recovery in writing about their life experiences.

By providing a safe space to share our stories with others from all walks of life, the LRC promotes inclusiveness, cross-cultural learning and mutual understanding . We raise funds to make courses available to those in need of sponsorship and to provide platforms for these life stories to be published.

Thank you

We are extremely grateful for the support of our funders: the Beatrice Jordaan Foundation, the Amani Harmonic Foundation and the Rivera Family Trust.

  • Audio Course Feedback:

    "I am finding the course incredibly rewarding.

    It is just what I needed at this time. I had thought to write more or to 'get writing' in the lockdown but have felt quite unable to be creative in these strange times. Your course has been just what I needed to make this time productive."

    Frances Slabolepszy CAPE TOWN
  • Audio Course Feedback:

    "Many thanks to Dawn for such inspiration.

    Instead of another dreary day, I embark each sunrise on another exciting adventure.

    You have taught me to see life through so many new eyes. I didn’t realize how interesting the world is.

    You have awakened dormant memories and shown me things I hadn’t noticed before.

    You’ve expanded my horizons and shown me the diversity of personalities I’ve met."

    Paul Cooke     UNITED KINGDOM
  • Audio Course Feedback:

    "Thank you for making this an audio course. Due to lockdown, I fear many of us have "Zoom Fatigue", therefore I very much appreciated being able to just listen. The audio sessions are very valuable as you are able to revisit exercises if you stumbled through them."

    Olive Klara Hodge CAPE TOWN
  • Audio Course Feedback:

    "I got first-hand sense of the possibility of writing to work a kind of magic. With the right combination of imagination, compassion and good luck, it feels possible for writing to redeem troublesome aspects of the past.

    The group feedback sessions were great - both serious and quite playful. The opportunity to be heard by and to hear from a variety of people was very rewarding. And a much needed break from lockdown. I loved the readings of other people's work - both humbling and inspiring."

    Dugal Harris CAPE TOWN
  • Audio Course Feedback:

    "The course felt like I was engaged with one-on-one mentoring from Dawn Garisch. Her presentation was professional, encouraging, filled with nuggets of wisdom and invaluable practical tools.

    I felt inspired and motivated to push past the The Critic, immerse myself in the tasks and write!"

    Desiree-Ann Martin CAPE TOWN

News, views & events

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From the rousing opening by Malika Ndlovu to the closing words of Philippa Kabali-Kagwa, this event was one of the highlights on the LRC calendar.