The healing power of writing

The Life Righting Collective is a not for profit membership organisation. We run affordable in-person and online audio courses for anyone who wants to discover personal meaning, self-understanding and self-recovery in writing about their life experiences.

By providing a safe space to share our stories with others from all walks of life, the LRC promotes inclusiveness, cross-cultural learning and mutual understanding . We raise funds to make courses available to those in need of sponsorship and to provide platforms for these life stories to be published.

We’ve always got a good story to tell.
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Thank you

We are extremely grateful for the support of our funders: the Beatrice Jordaan Foundation, the Amani Harmonic Foundation and the Owls Barn Trust.


    “Loved it! Structure worked well, facilitator was well organised, supportive, caring knowledgeable about writing, but also on the ball as to the emotion of it all.”

    Edible Memoir Course JH, CAPE TOWN
  • “Gave me a safe space to connect with my inner child and to write into key moments that have impacted on him. The feedback encouraged me enormously to keep writing.”

    Rewrite Your Childhood Course CY, CAPE TOWN
  • “It got me writing at a rate and volume that surprised me… This course has had a major impact on not only my writing but my inner work and reflection.”

    Ancestral Stories Course RB, CAPE TOWN
  • “I didn’t think I could write and offer anything that anyone would want to read. But I know that to not be true now.”

    My Life as A Work of Fiction Course TT, CAPE TOWN
  • "The course helped me look at writing as something that is not only meant for novel writers, but also see that everyone is a writer."

    Keystone Memoir Course MM, CAPE TOWN

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  The LRC was out in force at the POETRY IN MCGREGOR festival in November. Many of the poetry events were held at Temenos – famous for their gorgeous lush […]